Annual Quality Assurance Report – (AQAR) 2022-23

Criteria 1 : Curricular Planning and Implementation
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1.1.1 Teaching Plan View
1.1.2 Academic Calendar View
1.1.3 Teachers’ involvement in the curriculum View Add on Course View
1.3.2 Syllabus of Courses that include Project work  / Internship View
1.4.1_A Stakeholders Report View
1.4.1_B Action Take Report View
Criteria 2: Teaching- Learning and Evaluation
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2.1.2 Category wise Seats View
2.2.1 Remedial Coaching Class View
2.3.2 ICT tools View
2.4.1 List of full-time faculty View
2.6.1 PO and CO View Annual Report View
2.7.1 Students Satisfaction Survey View
Criteria 3 : Research, Innovations and Extension
Point Question View Documents List of Ph.D. Guides View
3.3.2 Number of Research Papers in the Journals Notification on the UGC Website View Total Books and Chapters in Book View Extension Activities View MOU View

Criteria 4 : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Point Question View Documents Auditor Financial Statement View Budgeted Statements View Annual Expenditure on Purchase of Books View Number of Computers View
4.3.3 Bandwidth of internet connection View Auditor Financial Statement View


Criteria 5 : Student Support and Progression
Point Question View Documents List of Students Sanction Scholarship View
5.1.5 Minutes of ICC View
5.1.3 Adult Continuing and Extention View
5.2.2 Number of students progressing to higher education. View
Criteria 6 : Governance, Leadership and Management
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6.1.1 Vision and Mission View
6.1.2 Organisational chart View
6.2.2 Organogram of the institution View
6.2.3 ERP View FDP/refresher course View
6.4.1 Audited financial statement View
6.5.3_A Annual Report View
6.5.3_B NAAC Accreditation Certificate View
Criteria 7 : Institutional Values and Best Practices
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7.1.1_A Annual Gender Sensitization Plan View
7.1.1_B Facilities provided for women View
7.1.2 Solar Energy View
7.1.3 Degradable and Non-Degradable Waste View
7.1.4 Water Conservation Facilities View
7.1.5 Green Campus Initiative View Energy Audit Report View
7.1.7 Disabled-friendly, barrier-free environment View
7.1.10 Code of Conduct View
7.1.11_A Annual Report of Celebration of National Events View
7.1.11_B National Events Celebration Photographs View
7.2 Best Practices View