Commerce Association 

The main aim behind to form this association is to reduce the gap of commerce student from theory to practical aspects of commerce education. Now a day industries demand more and more practical oriented students who can fulfill their need and requirements. This association is an attempt to fulfill the needs of industries and various business organizations.

Objectives of Commerce Association

  1. To develop overall personality of the commerce student.
  2. To make commerce students more and more productive in the business.
  3. To develop commerce culture in students.
  4. To make future entrepreneurs.


  1. R.S.Shitole –  Chairman
  2. Y.I. Shaikh – Member
  3. N.D.Nalawade – Member

Following activities are undertaken by Commerce Association

  1. Guest Lectures
  2. Career Counseling lectures
  3. Comm-Dhoom Activity
  4. Poster Competition