Under the scheme of Pune University Students welfare centre, Vidyarthini Manch is a special cell meant for female students.

Vidyarthini Manch is a unique cell which organizes various programmes especially for female students for personality development and carrier enhancement. We started the activities of this cell from December 2004. Since then, every year we conduct various workshops, guest lectures, group activities for the students. Every event is full of energy, enthusiasm and of active participation of our students. 

Objectives of Vidyarthini Manch  

  • To develop self confidence among female students.
  • All round personality development
  • To develops change and knowledge of self defence.
  • Empowerment of women.

 DEC 2004:    
 Establishment of vidyarthini    manch. Inauguration by Mrs. Pradnya Oak,Prin. Dr.Shobha Ingawale.
 Guest lecture on women Empowerment , Inauguration by social worker Dr. Razia Patel.
 Feb 2006
Under the scheme of Nirbhykanya Abhiyan  We have orgnised one day workshop for the self defence skills. The workshop was Inaugrated by ACP. HON BHARTI KURADE. Various defence techniques through informative  filmshow was arranged.
 : under the scheme of personality development programme, We have orgnised a series of guest lectures, such as-
  • Dr Prachi Javdeker-‘Todays challenges before female students.
  • Mrs. Pallave Makdum ‘computer awareness.’
  • Prof. Jagtap ‘Disaster Mangement’
  • Prof. kakde. ‘Introduction to   competitive exams.’
  • ‘Problems of youth in this compitive life.’

 One day health camp was orgnised under which H.B. test was conducted.Dr Gujrathi and her team provided guidance for the said.Sex education and awareness programme was introduced by a film organized by Dr. Alka kshirsgar.
 One day Health camp was organized.
‘Health and diet’
The programme was Inaugrated by Mrs.P.Shembavenekar through hers lecture and demonstration of yoga and life stule. 100 students were tested for H.B. DR.C.Gupta and Dr. Inamdar provided guidance regarding HB Improvement.

One day workshop was organized ‘Equality among men & women.’
Street show- ‘MULGI ZALIHO’ Was performed by Law students. We have arranged a group discussion with Social institute LOKAYAT and its supporters regarding equality in day-today life. 

 2011-12  Inaugaral Guest Lecture was arranged by Vidyarthini Manch in Sept 2011.  Mrs. Jyoti Balsaraf was the main speaker, who expressed her views about the mission of Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Phule

Beti Bachav Rally
50 girls from the cell, actively participated in the  rally for saving girl child, in Sept 2011.

One Day Workshop :With the joint venture, Women and Child Development cell,  Govt. of Maharashtra, Cell organized One day  Workshop regarding legislative awareness regarding the women and child harrasement.

 2012-13  Inaugaration :  Inaugeration of the cell for the activities 2012-12, was held in  August 2012.  Dr. Sudha Kankaria, Nagar, Was the main Speaker, who is the part of the movement ‘Beti-Bachav.’ Guest lecture was arranged by Adv. Shailaja Thite regarding the Legislative isseues against harassment of the women.

With the joint efforts with Stri Abhyas Kendra, Pune Univ., We organized four days lecture series regarding  Gender differences, Sex ratio, Equal apportunities etc.  in Dec 2012.

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