L.t. S.P. Shende


Asst. Prof. R. S. Shitole

Care Taker Officer of NCC

 36, MAH, BN NCC

    The college has an N.C.C. unit consisting of boys' unit attached to 36 Maharashtra Battalion with 1  platoon     and  a strength of 50 cadets.

Enrollment in N.C.C. is done through selection in the first week of July.

National Cadet Corps aims at developing character and comradeship, as well as keenness for service and capacity for leadership in the youth. It provides military training to the youth and builds a ready reserve, which the Armed Forces  could easily make use of in times of national emergency. There are a number of 

incentives that motivates students to become cadets. Besides being an additional merit while seeking to join the forces or taking up other jobs, NCC also motivates cadets to perform to their best by offering scholarships, cash awards, prizes, medals, trophies etc.       

          NCC includes in the youth a sense of nationalism and secular outlook that contributes towards the building of the nation. It also provides a platform for individual uplifting through the process of channelizing the energy of the youth in constructive detection. It helps the youth to realize the intimate relationship between man and the community, between community and nature and their inter-dependability. NCC is voluntary organization for students of the schools and colleges. NCC trains the cadets to become responsive individual, sensitive to the needs of the community. It aims at developing a new work of culture characterized by hard work, sincerity of the purpose and the ideals of selfless service with a secular outlook.

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