UGC Network Center


Department of U.G.C- Network Resource Centre


University Grant’s commission assists for procuring computers under this scheme. Under this scheme Assistance has sanctioned for the Purchases of computers & also for internet connectivity.

Aim & Object

To this department help to increase and improve information and communication network in this Globalization era, this would help our college to have an access to multimedia material in teaching & learning at places of eminence in India abroad.

Rules & Regulation

  • 1.    Free internet access to college students only.
  • 2.    Identity Card is must to access the internet facility.
  • 3.    Students should strictly follow the time limit given to them.
  • 4.    This facility is strictly for academic purposes.
  • 5.    Students must enter all the detail in the register to maintain the record.
  • 6.    Students must not violate the IT (cyber) laws.
  • 7.    Students are responsible for any Litigation arising through misuse of this facility.
  • 8.    Students will be fined on the spot, if found guilty.

In Charge

Prof. Yasmin Shaikh