Institutional Distinctiveness

Shri Shahu Mandir Mahavidyalaya, Pune is distinct in its environment friendly approach.  Its contribution towards nature and environment is substantial and indispensable which can be easily recognized as soon as one enters in the premises of the institution. 

When the college started at the foot of Parvati hills this 67 acres of land was barren and desert like.  Now as on today we have more than two lakh trees in our campus.  This is unique in all Pune.  These many trees one will not find in the entire Pune city region which is the distinctive quality of our college. 

                   Very hard efforts have been made to retain the natural beauty of this area and to beautify it even more as a result of this great contribution to environment the Government of Maharashtra awarded ‘Vanashree Puraskar’ to our institute Akhil Bharatiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad, Pune in 1996 and Pune Municipal Corporation honoured it with the ‘Harit Pune Puraskar’ in the year 2000. 

Best Practices

Title of practice

Dukan Jatra: Com Dhoom

Objectives of the practice

·         To create self-employment

·         To make the students Entrepreneur

The Context

·         To reduce the un-employment

·         To make the students self-sufficient


This is our regular best practice as every year we arrange ‘Comm Dhoom Dukan Jatra’ in our college in 2nd term.  In this participated students are required to sale their products by establishing mini shops (Dukan) in the college.  They not only have to sale their products but also earn the profits on it.  Along with this the quality, presentation and test of the product which they are selling is seen by the Organizers. 

Evidence of success

Students get the idea about how to sale the product, later on it is noticed that the students have successfully started their businesses out of this practice. 

Title of practice

Best Reader Award for Students and Teachers

Objectives of the practice

To create the habits of reading among teachers and students.

The Context

Library provides various books, magazines, journals and news-papers.  To make the maximum utilization of library facilities, students and teachers are being motivated.


Every year 1 teacher and 1 student is selected, who has used library at the maximum extent.

Evidence of success

Students and teachers have started using the library facilities.

Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Support Facilities


Our college has central library building along with 7 departmental libraries headed by college Librarian, who is premises superior for UG, PG and reference section.

Library Advisory Committee is constituted for smooth functioning and efficient working of library and policies such budgetary and purchasing, circulation, withdrawal, serial control, digital library, library portal.  Duties and objectives of Library Advisory Committee are as follows:-

·      Purchasing of new books, renewal of journals (hard and soft copy).

·      To frame and implement the rules/strategies regarding issuing of books and journals from library.

·      To execute guidelines for optimum utilization of available resources and providing better services.

·      To maintain and update all records in library.

·      To address issues and grievances pertaining to library facilities.

·      Library portal updating and feedback policy.

The committee implements following initiatives to make library user friendly-

·      Book bank scheme

·      Display of new arrivals

·      Provision for quick searching of books by OPAC software to update and upgrade the library as per the changing needs of curriculum.

·      To seek feedback and suggestions of users to render better services.

·      Receiving new titles from different vendors and taking suggestion from faculty members for purchase of the new books.

·      Arrangement of book exhibition in institution premises for students and faculty.


For Gymkhana we have maintained Register for students.  The students who wanted to use sports equipments can write their name in Register and can use the sports equipments.  All sports equipments are regularly maintained and properly utilized.  We have the outside agencies who maintain our equipments.  Apart from this there is the Gymkhana Committee including Physical Director who usually takes decisions for addition of new sports and equipments. 

Class-Rooms & Computers:-

Class-Rooms are maintained by Class IV personnel of the college.  Class-Rooms are also maintained by outside agencies who visit the college frequently as per the need.  Class-Rooms are available for all classes as per the time-table. 

Students can access the computers in Computer Laboratory with the permission of the head by enrolling their name in the register maintained. 



Sr. No.





Prin. Dr. Shobha Ingawale


IQAC Coordinator

Dr. Kishor Girish Nawale


Representatives from         

Teaching Faculty

  1. Prof. Dr. K.P. Bairagi
  2. Asso. Prof. Dr. D.D. Pathare
  3.  Asso. Prof. Dr. Zeenat Khan
  4.  Asso. Prof. Dr. R.M. Kothari
  5. Asso. Prof. Dr. M.D. Kharat
  6. Asst. Prof. Dr. S.R. Shelke
  7. Asst. Prof. Dr. V.V. Patil
  8.  Asst. Prof. G.M. Kulkarni
  9. Asst. Prof. Dr. V.P. Pawar
  10.   Asst. Prof. P.V. Naikwadi


Representatives from  Administrative officers

  1. Shri Sudam S. Kamble
  2. Shri Ajit S. Pawar


Representative Member from Management

  1. Mrs. Pramilatai Gaikwad
  2. Shri Krishnarao Pawar


Representative Nominees from local society

  1.  Shri Appa Renuse
  2. Shri Vishal Vilas Tambe


Representative Nominees from Students

  1. Daswadkar Varsha  Dattatraya
  2.  Rahul Shivaji Shinde


Representative nominees from Alumni

  1. Dr. Nachiket Vechalekar
  2. Dr. Nitin Ghorpade
  3. Dr. Shivaji M. Kakade
  4. Shri. Bhausaheb Karpe


Representative Nominees from Employers/Industrialists

  1. Shri Suresh Kote (Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad)
  2. Mrs. Sunita Ravindra Kothari (Ravindra Packaging, Pune)

A.B.M.S. Parishad’s

Shri Shahu Mandir Mahavidyalaya, Parvati, Pune

Steering Committee

Sr. No




Dr. Shobha Ingawale

Principal, Chairperson, Steering Committee


Dr. Kishor G. Nawale

Coordinator, Steering Committee


Shri. Sudam Kamble

Administrative Staff Representative


Dr. Meena Thakur

In-charge: Criterion I


Dr.  R.M. Kothari

In-charge: Criterion II


Dr. V.P. Pawar

In-charge: Criterion III


Dr. R.S. Desai

In-charge: Criterion IV


Dr. V.V. Patil

In-charge: Criterion V


Dr. K.P. Bairagi

In-charge: Criterion VI


Asst. Prof. G.M. Kulkarni

In-charge: Criterion VII


Dr. S.R. Shelke

IQAC Member


Asst. Prof. P.V. Naikwadi

IQAC Member




Sr. No     Year         AQAR
1 2011-2012
AQAR Report 2011-12 

2 2012-2013
AQAR Report 2012-13
3 2013-2014
AQAR Report 2013-14
4 2014-2015
AQAR Report 2014-15 

5 2015-2016

AQAR Report 2015-16 

6 2016-2017  AQAR Report 2016-2017
7 2017-2018 AQAR Report 2017-2018